Soothe a Bee Sting

Too soothe a bee sting, apply a mixture of one pinch chewing tobacco with one drop of water. Apply it directly and immediately onto the sting; cover with Band-aid to keep in place.


Food for thought

Research shows that brainpower can increase with mental activities. Memory decline, if at all, occurs around the age of 70. Vocabulary and reasoning skills often improve with age. No matter what your age, exercising your brain may make the difference using it and losing it. Doing crossword puzzles, playing word games or cards strengthens the synapses between brain cells.

Combination Storage

Don’t store apples and carrots in the same refrigerator compartment. Apples emit a gas that turns the carrots bitter.

Kill the flab

Losing those extra pounds can’t be that hard. Drink a glass of lime juice with honey and water every morning. Eating a tomato before breakfast everyday for a few months also helps you keep slim and healthy.

Magical cocktail of honey and cinnamon

Mixture of honey and cinnamon has various health benefits.

  1. Skin infection – applying honey and cinnamon powder in affected parts cures all skin infections.
  2. Weight Loss – Take 1 tablespoon cinnamon and 2 tablespoon honey every day.
  3. Pimples – 3 tbs of honey and 1 tbs of cinnamon paste be applied on pimples before sleeping and wash it off next morning with warm water. Do it for 2 weeks to see the difference.
  4. Heart disease –use the mixture instead of jelly and jam and eat it for breakfast. It reduces cholesterol level.
  5. Bad Breath – gargle with 1 tbs of honey and cinnamon paste everyday.
  6. Cancer – take mixture around 3 times a day for a month.
  7. Fatigue – the mixture helps maintain energy levels
  8. Sore throat – use just honey
  9. Indigestion
  10. Immune system
  11. Bloating

Smart ways to use banana peel

Every product by nature has its utility. Banana peel which we consider useless can be used for various things:

  1. Anti-aging

Take a portion of banana, and mash it till it becomes a paste. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes, and rinse off. Do this once in a fortnight. You can also use banana peel to make a natural homemade face scrub for yourself. Mash one banana along with the peel and add two spoons of sugar with a pinch of olive oil and your face scrub is ready to be used.

  1. Sparkle your teeth

Gently rub your teeth with the inside of banana peel for two minutes. The peel contains high level of magnesium and potassium which are essential in removing stains from your teeth. The skin of the peel acts as an exfoliator and removes stains. You can also use peel in combination with crushed strawberry. Strawberry contains malic acid which helps to remove the discolouration on teeth.

  1. Plant fertilizer

Take a jar full of water and soak in the banana peel for a while. Now use this water to fertilize the plants. The peel contains phosphate which is an essential ingredient for the growth of plants and grass. Banana peels are also used for the growth and protection of rose flowers. The peels can be buried near the rose plants to protect against aphids.

  1. Make your shoes shine

Potassium in the peel acts as a cleaning agent when applied as leather. Take the peel of the banana and rub in a circular motion on your shoes. After rubbing the peel, apply a shoe shiner on your shoes. The combination of potassium and oils secreted from the peel makes the shine last longer.

  1. Quick Compost

Make banana peel compost and use it in your garden. The peel has a tendency to compost at a faster pace. Sodium, Calcium and phosphate are present in the peel, all essential ingredients for the plants and fruits. The ideal way to add banana peel to your compost is to cut it into small pieces, in this way it will breakdown quickly into compost.

Magical Ice cube

Applying ice cube on the face has healing effects, and is used to treat pimples. Wrap ice cube in a clean cloth, and apply it on to the pimple. Any pus that comes out while rubbing ice on the pimple should be wiped off immediately.

Skin icing also helps to refresh the face, prevent the formation of wrinkles, fight acne and blemishes and improves blood circulation.

Skin icing tightens skin and shrinks enlarged pores by unclogging the pores that look larger because of excess sebum and debris. Skin icing tones face skin and make it look smooth.

Skin icing is a skin toner and works great when applied before makeup. It minimizes the pores underneath the makeup, and the foundation looks smooth and flawless. Try icing your face and then apply your primer.

Natural ways to treat sunburn

  1. Cucumber

Grate refrigerated cucumber and apply it on your face. Not only will it soothe the burns, but its antioxidant properties will provide relief from redness, swelling and skin irritation.

  1. Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe vera juice is a magic cure for sunburn. Keep it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, and apply it on your sun-exposed areas. Aloe Vera plant has antibacterial, soothing qualities which heal and soothe sunburns.

  1. Oatmeal

Grind a cup of oatmeal in a food processor and add it to your bath. You can also apply a powdered oatmeal and milk face pack. Wash off with cold water after 15 minutes.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Dilute apple cider vinegar with cold water in 1:10 ratio and apply it on your face. This acts as an astringent. Thus, it helps in reducing inflammation caused due to sunburn.

  1. Raw milk

Applying raw milk to the sun-burn areas is a safe and easy cure. Mix turmeric and rose water to make it more effective. Cool this mixture in the refrigerator and apply on sunburnt areas. While rose water is a cooling agent, turmeric’s antibacterial properties heal wound and prevent skin infections.

Neem Shower

Suffering from dandruff, oily scalp, lies in hair, acne scars – take neem shower. Boil handful of neem leaves in water till water turns greenish. Bathe with this water for couple of days.

The anti-bacterial properties of neem help in treating the various wounds, respiratory disorders among others.

The Sanskrit name of neem tree is Arishtha meaning ‘reliever of sickness’ and hence is considered as Sarbaroganibarini. The tree is still regarded as ‘village dispensary’ in India.

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