In the daily drudgery, we don’t realise that days turn into years..and healthy phase of life just passes by. We slog, get good appraisals but soon that incremental amount seems to be spent on self maintenance. Back ache, weak eye sights, greying of hair, deficiency of vitamins seems to have hit this generation sooner than in previous decades.

The solution it seems lies in nourished filled tetra packs, cream tubes and doctors. Have deficiency of vitamin C in body, have capsule; after all reputed company manufactures it. Skin not glowing, use the cream the celebrity endorses.

Well! Weren’t we supposed to be eating stuff from plants and not what is manufactured in plants?
Nature gives us all, why bother about looking for man-made remedies. A look around will answer all our queries..chirping of birds will be like a music to our ears, colourful flowers around will act as anti-depressant, rainbow in the sky will bring smile to our face. Bounties of nature are never ending, we just need to able to utilise them to our benefit.

Instead of rushing to cosmetic store or doctor, we can borrow stuff from our kitchen.