Every product by nature has its utility. Banana peel which we consider useless can be used for various things:

  1. Anti-aging

Take a portion of banana, and mash it till it becomes a paste. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes, and rinse off. Do this once in a fortnight. You can also use banana peel to make a natural homemade face scrub for yourself. Mash one banana along with the peel and add two spoons of sugar with a pinch of olive oil and your face scrub is ready to be used.

  1. Sparkle your teeth

Gently rub your teeth with the inside of banana peel for two minutes. The peel contains high level of magnesium and potassium which are essential in removing stains from your teeth. The skin of the peel acts as an exfoliator and removes stains. You can also use peel in combination with crushed strawberry. Strawberry contains malic acid which helps to remove the discolouration on teeth.

  1. Plant fertilizer

Take a jar full of water and soak in the banana peel for a while. Now use this water to fertilize the plants. The peel contains phosphate which is an essential ingredient for the growth of plants and grass. Banana peels are also used for the growth and protection of rose flowers. The peels can be buried near the rose plants to protect against aphids.

  1. Make your shoes shine

Potassium in the peel acts as a cleaning agent when applied as leather. Take the peel of the banana and rub in a circular motion on your shoes. After rubbing the peel, apply a shoe shiner on your shoes. The combination of potassium and oils secreted from the peel makes the shine last longer.

  1. Quick Compost

Make banana peel compost and use it in your garden. The peel has a tendency to compost at a faster pace. Sodium, Calcium and phosphate are present in the peel, all essential ingredients for the plants and fruits. The ideal way to add banana peel to your compost is to cut it into small pieces, in this way it will breakdown quickly into compost.