February 2016

Colour palette in the plate

How many colours of fruits and vegetable did you take today? Like a rainbow which beautifies/glorifies/embellishes the sky, rainbow on your plate does benefit to your body. Each colour signifies a vitamin – nourishment. Try having variety of colourful fruits and vegetables in your food every day.


Treating the bacne

A spotless back is a beauty in itself. Wear a strapless or backless choli, and flaunt your back. However, those with Bacne, or acne on your back there is help right in your kitchen to treat the acne. You can remove the spots and prevent bacne by applying a paste of 2 tbsp curd, cucumber, juice, sea salt and few drops of olive oil. Rinse off after 15 minutes. Avoid, over zealously scrubbing your back as it can irritate your skin and cause bacne. Also, do away with tight fitting clothes and let your skin breathe.

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