November 2015

Treating Swelled Feet

With winters around the corner, swelling of feet is a common problem with many people around. Wearing of socks and boots may not always solve the problem. Turnip is your remedy to treat swelled feet. It can be used as below:

  • Boil a turnip in water
  • Rub boiled turnip on the swelled feet
  • Clean it with towel
  • Apply glycerine or mustard oil, and go to bed

Activating the brain cells

As time flies, we are caught up in routine affairs without adding any value to our lives. No new activity makes brain dull and hastens the process of memory decline. Whatever your age maybe it is essential that your keep brain cells working. Doing puzzles, learning new language, a new sport, cards or word games or even trying a new route to a place keeps the brain cells activate leading to a sharper you.

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